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Velleman Kits
  PI3SETN Raspberry PI3B+ Starter Kit Velleman Motor and Power Shield (Module)
  VMM001 Microbit and Starter Kit (Basic)
  VMM501 Microbit and Starter Kit
  VMA501 Starter Kit UNO Board
  VMA502 Starter Kit MEGA2560 Board
  VMA503 Starter Kit Components and Breadboard
  VMA504 Starter Kit for NANO Boards
  VMP501 Raspberry Pie DIY Accessory Kit
  VMP502 Raspberry Pie Basic Learning Kit
  KA0 Nibble Development Board
  VMA0 Nibble Development Board

  VMA100 ATmega328 UNO Development Board
  VMA101 ATmega2560 MEGA Development Board
  VMA103 ATmega32u4 LEONARDO Development Board
  WPB102 ATmega328 NANO Development Board
  KA01 RGB Shield
  KA02 Audio Shield
  KA03 Motor and Power Shield
  KA04 Ethernet Shield
  KA05 In/Out Shield for UNO
  KA06 LCD Shield for Arduino UNO
  KA07 RTC Shield for UNO
  VMA01 RGB Shield
  VMA02 Audio Shield
  VMA03 Motor and Power
  VMA04 Ethernet Shield
  VMA05 In/Out Shield
  VMA11 FM Radio Shield
  VMA201 Protoshield and Breadboard for for ARDUINO® UNO R3
  VMA202 Data Logging Shield for ARDUINO® UNO R3
  VMA203 LCD and Keypad Shield for UNO R3 ARDUINO® UNO R3
  MM104 Li-ion Battery Charger
  MM105 5V Relay
  MM106 Opto Isolator
  MM107 RS485 Driver
  MM108 3.3, 5, 9Vdc Power Supply
  MM109 Light Sensor
  MM110 Digital to Analogue Converter
  MM112 Analogue to Digital Converter
  VMM400 5v Opto-Coupled with 4 x SPDT Relays (Microbit)
VMA208 3-Axis Digital Acceleration Sensor
  VMA300 3 x 4 Matrix Membrane Keypad
  VMA301 DS1302 RTC Module with Battery
  VMA303 Soil Moisture and Water Level Sensor
  VMA304 SD Card Reader
  VMA305 Capacitive Touch Switch
  VMA306 HC-SR05 Ultrasonic Sensor
  VMA307 RGB LED Module
  VMA308 Magnetic Reed Switch Module
  VMA309 Microphone Sound Sensor Module
  VMA310 Tactile Switch Sensor Module
  VMA311 DHT11 Digital Temp/Humidity Sensor
  VMA312 Vibration/Shock Sensor
  VMA313 Hall Effect Magnetic Switch
  VMA314 PIR Motion Sensor
  VMA315 X/Y Joystick Module
  VMA316 Infrared Transmitter Module
  VMA317 Infrared Receiver Module
  VMA318 RGB LED Module (SMD)
  VMA319 Active Buzzer Module
  VMA320 Analogue Temperature Sensor
  VMA321 1 Amp Lithium-ion Battery Charger
  VMA324 Digital Temperature Sensor (DS18B20)
  VMA333 TB6560 3A Stepper Motor Driver Module
  VMA401 5V Stepper Motor Driver and Motor
  VMA402 2 Amp DC Step-up Converter
  VMA403 0.6Amp DC Step-up Converter
  VMA404 2.5Amp DC Step-down Converter
  VMA405 RFID Read/Write Module
  VMA406 5V Relay Module
  VMA407 Light Activated Switch
  VMA408 3 Watt Class D Stereo Amplifier
  VMA409 Dual 2 Amp Stepper Motor Controller
  VMA410 3.3/5V TTL Level Converter Module
  VMA411 5 Amp MOSFET Driver Module
  VMA412 2.8" Touch Screen for UNO/MEGA
  VMA417 Pack of Additional RFID Cards (Ten)
  VMA418 Pack of additional RFID Tags (Five)
  VMA436 8-Channel Relay Module
  VMP401 Raspberry Pie 5" 800 x 480 HDMI-B Touchscreen
  WPI302 Bluetooth HC-5 Transmitter
  VMW100 Brightdot Wearable Development Board
  VMW101 ESP32 Wearable Development Board
  VMW102 Small Brightdot Pack
  VMW103 Medium Brightdot Pack  
  VMW104 Large Brightdot Pack
  VMW105 Corner Brightdot Pack
  VMW106 Arc Brightdot Pack
  VMW107 Small Brightdot Circle Pack
  VMW108 Medium Brightdot Circle
  VMW109 Large Brightdot Circle

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