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Velleman MM104 Li-ion Battery ChargerVelleman Kits

Velleman MM104 Li-ion Battery Charger

Specification Features:

  • Can be used to charge a single 3.7 V Li-ion element
  • Charge current 500mA
  • Charging indication: LED
  • Power Supply 5V
  • Applications:
    • lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer battery chargers
    • USB charger

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Dimensions (PCB)

22 x 22 x 5mm



The MM104 mini module from Velleman is a Li-ion battery charger breakout board that incorporates the charger for a single 3.7 volt (4.2 V at full charge) Li-ion element; it is based on the MCP73831T integrated circuit. The card accepts typically a 5V input voltage that can come from a common power supply, from a compact photovoltaic panel or even from a computer USB port. On SOL output contacts it is present a 4.5 to 6 volts voltage, providing the right potential and current required to charge both Li-ion and Lipolymer elements. The battery (to be connected to the +/- BAT contacts) can have a theoretic unlimited capacity, since the limitation depends only by the charging time (that could be really long for high capacity batteries). However, considering that for example a 550 mA current charges a 550 mAh element in one hour, a 1,100 mAh will take 2 hours, a 5.5 Ah will take 10 hours and so on. In the breakout board, the integrated circuit works in the typical configuration that sees the light emitting diode LD1 fed (by the resistance R2 that limits the current) from the STAT output.
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