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Velleman Microbit & Starter KitVelleman Kits

Velleman Microbit Starter Kit

Velleman Microbit Starter Kit

VMM001 Microbit Starter Kit

Velleman Microbit

Specification Features:

  • contains:
    • USB cable: ( USB 2.0 A plug to Micro USB Plug 0.75 m )
    • housing for microbit
    • battery holder
    • microbit:
    • battery: 4 x AAA
  • microbit hardware:
    • lights: 5 x 5 LED matrix
    • buttons: 2 push buttons
    • compass: detect magnetic fields
    • accelerometer: detect changes in the microbit speed
    • GPIO: 17 general purpose input / output pins
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • processor: 16 MHz ARM Cortex - M0 microcontroller 32-bit processor
  • connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • USB: USB 2.0 port and micro-USB connector
  • GPIO: up to 17 general purpose input / output pins
  • RAM: 16 KB static RAM
  • power supply:
    • battery holder: 2 x AAA
    • micro-USB connector

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The Microbit is a must for everybody who wants to get started with or is inspired by programming. It has an ARM-based embedded system. It is compatible with different coding languages starting from Block Editor & mobile apps for the starters to Python for the more advanced users.
 It's possible to connect it to other devices such as Raspberry PI through its 20 pin edge connector. The built-in compass together with the accelerometer and motion detector ensures that the Micobit has endless possibilities. This starter kit is the ideal kit for starters who want to program with block editor or the mobile apps.
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