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Velleman MM108 3.3/5/9V Power Supply Mini Module Velleman Kits

Specification Features:

  • Provides 3 output voltages from a 12 V input > 3.3 V / 5 V / 9 V
  • Maximum current outputs:
    • 130mA at 3,3 V
    • 160mA at 5 V
    • 1000mA at 9 V
  • Power Supply 12V

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Dimensions (PCB)

22 x 22 x 5mm



The MM108 mini module from Velleman is a DC power supply which operates from a 12Vdc source. This board contains three integrated regulators, thanks to which - from a basis given by a direct voltage of 1215 V - we may obtain three stabilized voltages that are still continuous, respectively at 3.3, 5 and 9 volts. The three regulators that have been used are: LM2940IMP-9.0/ NOBP (U1), LD1117S50CTR (U2) and LD1117S33CTR (U3). The three regulators are all linear ones and of the series kind, that is to say, they keep the difference between the voltage supplied and the one applied to them, in the area between the output and the input end. The circuit is typically powered at 12 V, via the 12V and GND clamps (that are, respectively, positive and negative power supplies). The power absorbed is always equal to the sum of those that are supplied by the three outputs, thus if 30mA are supplied at the 3.3.V output, and 50mA are supplied at the 5V output, and 100 mA are supplied at the 9V output, the total absorption is 30+50+100mA= 180mA.
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