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Velleman Electronic Kits

Velleman Kits
 K1200Velleman Watch Kit
 K1201Programmer for Watch
 K1803Universal Mono Pre-Amplifier
 K18231A Power Supply
 K2543Electronic Transistor Ignition
 K2570Universal 5 - 14VDC Power Supply
 K2572Universal Stereo Pre-Amplifier
 K2573Stereo Pre-Amplifier for MD Pick-Ups
 K2579Universal Stop/Start Timer
 K2599Windshield Wiper Robot or Interval Timer
 K2604Police Siren
 K2622AM/FM Antenna Amplifier
 K2625Digital Tachometer
 K2633Relay Card
 K2634Quad Triac Switch Card
 K2636AC Motor Speed Controller
 K2639Liquid level Controller
 K2644Frost Indicator
 K3400Dual Electronic Dice
 K3502Parking Radar
 K3504Car Alarm
 K3505Car Light Warning Alarm
 K40017W Mono Amplifier
 K40032 x 30W Audio Power Amplifier
 K4102Guitar Preamplifier with Headphone Output
 K4301Pink Noise Generator
 K4304Mono VU Meter 10 LED's Kit
 K4305Stereo VU Meter 2 x 10 LED's
 K4306Precision Stereo VU Meter 2 x 15 LED's
 K4307Audio Power Meter
 K4401Sound Generator
 K47002-Channel Loudspeaker Protection
 K4900Telephone Amplifier
 K52004-Channel Multi-Function Running Light
 K6400Code Lock
 K6501Remote Control by Telephone
 K6600Multitone Door Chime
 K6707Velleman 1-Channel Code Lock Receiver
 K6712IR Remote Controlled Dimmer
 K6714-16Universal Relay Card (16 Relay's)
 K6727Velleman 2-Channel Code Lock Receiver
 K7000Signal Tracer/Injector
 K7101Mains Voltage Detector
 K7102Metal Detector
 K72033 - 30V 3A Power Supply
 K7300Universal Battery Charger/Discharger
 K7302Low Cost Universal Battery Charger
 K8004DC to Pulse Width Modulator
 K8005Stepper Motor Card
 K8006Busprint Motherboard
 K8015Multifunction Relay Switch
 K80173-Channel Sound Light with Microphone
 K80183D Blue LED Cube
 K8019Proximity Card Reader with USB Interface
 K802310-Channel, 2-Wire Remote Control
 K8025Video Pattern Generator
 K8026Suppressed 3.5A Dimmer
 K8028Multifunction Dimmer
 K8029Slow On-Off Dimmer
 K80324-Channel Running Light
 K8035Multifunctional Up/Down Counter
 K8038Power Dimmer, Push-Button Controlled
 K80391-Channel DMX Controlled Power Dimmer
 K8041Fan Timer
 K8042Symmetric 1A Power Supply
 K804410-Channel Light Effect Generator (12V)
 K8045Programmable Message Board with LCD
 K80474-Channel Recorder/Logger
 K804915-Channel IR Transmitter
 K805115-Channel IR Remote Stick
 K8055NUSB Experiment Interface Board
 K80568-Channel Relay Card
 K80572-Channel RF Remote Receiver with Random Code
 K80588-Channel RF Remote Control
 K80592-Channel RF Code-Lock Remote Transmitter

Discrete Power Amplifier 200W

 K8061Extended USB Interface Board
 K8062USB Controlled DMX Interface
 K80632 Modular Digits with Serial Interface
 K8064DC Controlled Dimmer
 K8065Pocket Audio Generator
 K8067Universal Temperature Sensor
 K80701-Channel RF Receiver (for K8058)
 K80711W/3W High Power LED Driver
 K8072DMX Controlled Relay
 K8075Power Saver/Timer
 K8076PIC Programmer Board
 K8082Safe Style Code lock
 K8084Volume and Tone Control Pre-Amplifier
 K8086Telephone Ring Detector with Relay Output
 K8087Telephone Ring with Buzzer and LED
 K8088RGB Controller (LED Strips)
 K8089Big Digital Clock
 K80908-Channel Relay Card (USB)
 K8091LED Clock with Slow on Dimmer
 K8093Home Alarm with Remote Control
 K8094Extended Record Playback (8min Max)
 K8095MP3 Player Project
 K80961-Channel USB Stepper Motor Controller
 K80974-Channel USB Stepper Motor Controller
 K8098Audio Analyser Kit
 K8101USB Message Board Kit
 K8110Tremolo Effects Pedal

 K8111Overdrive/Distortion Effects Pedal
 K8113Fuzz Distortion Effects Pedal
 K8115Component Tester
 K8118Stereo Ultrasonic/Bat Detector
 K82003D Printer
 K8203Nozzle Extruder Kit
 K8206K8200 Extension Kit

 K8400Vertex 3D Printer
 K8800Vertex Delta Printer

 KA01RGB Shield for Arduino™ Board
 KA02Audio Shield for Arduino™ Board
 KA03Motor and Power Shield for Arduino™ Board
 KA04Ethernet Shield for Arduino™ Board
 KA05In/Out Shield for Arduino™ Board
 KA06LCD Shield for Arduino UNO
 KA07RTC Shield for UNO
 KA08In/Out Shield for YUN
 KA12Analogue Input Extension Shield for Arduino™ UNO Board

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