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Velleman Volume and Tone Control Pre-Amplifier KitVelleman Kits

Volume and Tone Control Pre-Amplifier Kit

Specification Features:

  • Stereo volume control
  • Stereo Baxandall bass and treble control
  • Bass and treble potentiometers with centre click
  • Customizable attenuation or amplification
  • Complete with knobs
  • Supply voltage: 2 x 12VAC / 100mA
  • Frequency response: 3Hz - 500kHz (-3dB)
  • Standard amplification: x1
  • Signal to noise ratio: 98dB
  • Harmonic distortion: < 0.005% (@1KHz)
  • Maximum output: 5V RMS
  • Tone control: 15dB @ 20Hz, 15dB @ 15kHz
  • Input impedance: 50k ohms

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Dimensions (PCB)

105 x 70mm



When using one of our amplifiers (big or small), you always need a volume control and preferably also a tone control. This kit comes complete with all input / output connections and potentiometers. Furthermore it is possible to amplify or attenuate the input signal.
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K8084Velleman Volume and Tone Control Pre-Amplifier Kit9.95 


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