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Velleman LED Clock with Slow on Dimmer KitVelleman Kits

Velleman LED Clock with Slow on Dimmer

LED Clock

Specification Features:

  • Clock with red 7-segment display
  • Possibility to connect any lamp armature fitted with a light bulb
  • Sleep function (15 min) for slow light power-off
  • Snooze function with alarm repeat function after 8 min.
  • Manually settable light intensity
  • Beep and / or light option
  • Lamp power: 40 ~ 100W max

Read the fully Illustrated Assembly Manual for K8091

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Power Supply

220- 240V AC / 50Hz




92 x 45 x 101mm



The K8091 is an attractive LED clock with output connection for a light. From 15 minutes before the set time, the light intensity of the connected appliance will increase up to full power, at set time alarm beeps will be heard. The beep length is gradually built up so you will not be startled by a sudden alarm signal.
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