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Velleman Parking Radar KitVelleman Kits

Parking Radar Kit

Specification Features:

  • Detection range: 5cm - 1.5m (adjustable)
  • Detection angle: 5
  • Supply voltage: 10 - 15VDC / 16mA

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G416 or G407

Dimensions (PCB's)

28 x 95mm Sensor and 48 x 125mm Base



If you have problems parking then this kit is for you. Using (ultrasonic) sound waves, whose frequency is beyond our range of hearing, we can "measure" a distance. Consequently, a sensor mounted at the back of the car can give an indication of the distance between your car and the car parked behind you or other obstacles (only at the same height as the sensor). When the preset minimum distance is crossed, an audible signal is generated.
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