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Velleman DHT11 Digital Temp/Humidity Sensor

Horizontal Float Switch

0 - 100% Humidity Detector

IR Demodulator Module 38kHz

Current TransformersDevelopment Board SensorsFloat SwitchHumidity DetectorInfrared

Electret Microphone Insert, PCB Mounting

Acceleration Detector

MM106 Opto Isolator

Peltier Thermoelectric Cell 6A

Light Dependant ResistorsMicrophone InsertsMovement SensorsOpto CouplerPeltier Cells

PCB mounting Piezo transducer

PCB Mounted PIR Detector

Pressure Sensor 0 - 100kPa

Glass Reed Switch, 26 x 3.5mmØ

Blank Magnetic Card

Piezo TransducersPIR DetectorsPressure TransducersReed SwitchesSwipe Cards

AC-7 Resistance Probe

Ultrasonic Transmitter (TX)

Electric Water Pump

Temperature SensorsUltra Sonic TransducersWater Pump  

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