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Cebek 2-Channel RF Receiver


Cebek 2-Channel RF Receiver

Carrier Frequency433.92 MHz
Number of Channels2
Relay Output5A
Power Supply230VAC
Dimensions72 x 110 x 30 mm
Technical Information >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
The Cebek TL-104 is a two channel mains operated RF remote control receiver with relay outputs. It will recognise the signal sent from any Group 1 Cebek transmitter. It verifies the security code you have selected (13,122 combinations) and operates the appropriate relay. The relays on the TL-104 can be configured with a momentary or latching action. It has PCB mounted DIL switches to select the security code.
Will Operate with the following Transmitters
Single Channel 25mTL-5
Two Channel 25mTL-6
Single Channel 100mTL-11
Two Channel 100mTL-12
Single Channel 300mTL-13
Two Channel 300mTL-14
Two Channel 100m (No Housing)TL-15
Two Channel 300m (No Housing)TL-16
Re-Transmission BoosterTL-99
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TL-104Cebek 2-Channel RF Receiver (Momentary/Latching)38.62 


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