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Velleman Mini Kits

Velleman Kits
 MK100Red Electronic Christmas Tree
 MK100BBlue Electronic Christmas Tree
 MK101Flashing LED Sweetheart
 MK102Flashing LED's
 MK103Sound to Light
 MK104Electronic Cricket
 MK105Signal Generator
 MK107LED Running Light
 MK108Water Alarm
 MK109Electronic Dice
 MK110Simple One Channel Light Organ
 MK111Interval Timer
 MK112Brain Game
 MK113Siren Sound Generator
 MK114Low Voltage Light Organ
 MK115Pocket VU Meter
 MK116Riding Santa
 MK117Deluxe Xmas Tree
 MK119Roulette Wheel
 MK120Light Barrier
 MK122Animated Bell with 83 LED's
 MK123Rolling Clock
 MK124Rolling Message
 MK125Light Sensitive Switch
 MK126Car Alarm Simulator
 MK127Running Microbug
 MK128Kitchen Timer
 MK129Crawling Microbug
 MK1303D Xmas Tree
 MK131Traffic Light Simulator
 MK132Cable Polarity Checker
 MK133Quiz Table
 MK134Steam Engine Sound Generator
 MK135Electronic Decision Maker
 MK136Super Stereo Ear
 MK137IR Remote Checker
 MK139Clap On/Off Switch
 MK140Karaoke (Eliminates Vocals on Songs)
 MK141SMD Happy Face (Surface Mount Components)
 MK142SMD Xmas Tree (Surface Mount Components)
 MK143White LED Flashlight
 MK144Flashing Heart
 MK145Halloween Pumpkin
 MK146Pocket VU Meter (with Enclosure)
 MK147Dual White LED Stroboscope
 MK148Dual Super Bright Flashing Red Lights
 MK149Love Tester
 MK150Shaking Dice
 MK151Digital LED Clock
 MK152Wheel of Fortune
 MK153Jumbo Single Digit Clock
 MK155Magic Message
 MK157LCD Mini Message Board
 MK159Brain Game (with Enclosure)
 MK160Remote Control via GSM Mobile Phone
 MK1612-Channel IR Remote Receiver
 MK1622-Channel IR Remote Transmitter
 MK165Crawling Bug
 MK166Animated Ghost
 MK167Electronic Candle
 MK168Alarm Sensor Simulator
 MK169RFlashing LED Star (Red)
 MK169YFlashing LED Star (Yellow)
 MK17060 LED Multi-Effect Star
 MK171Voice Changer
 MK172Sound LED Star
 MK173Mini 6-LED Chaser
 MK175Animated LED Smiley
 MK176LED Chevron Arrow
 MK177Ding Dong Bells
 MK1783rd Brake Light Flasher
 MK179Proximity Card Reader
 MK1802-Channel  LED Flasher
 MK181AC Power-Voltage Indicator LED
 MK182Digital Echo Chamber
 MK183USB SMD X-Mass Tree Mini Kit
 MK184Electronic RGB Candle
 MK185Solar Bug
 MK186Low Voltage LED Light Organ
 MK187Low Voltage LED Dimmer
 MK188Pulse-Pause Timer
 MK18912 Volt Car Battery Monitor
 MK1905 Watt Stereo Amplifier
 MK191Classic TV Tennis Game
 MK1933D LED Cube
 MK194NDigitally Controlled FM Radio
 MK195Record Playback Module (30 - 90s)
 MK196Multi-Voltage Blue LED Pilot Light
 MK197RGB LED Ball
 MK198LED Buddy
 MK199WAnimated Starlight White LED
 MK200Animated Snowman LED
 MK202Halloween Jack O Lantern Mini kit

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