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390 Tie Point Breadboard

Single Sided Low Cost Copper clad board

Clear Fine Etch Crystals

HSS Parallel shank drill bit

BreadboardCopper BoardSodiumpersulphatePCB Drills and SetsDrill Sets

Velleman ET20 Etch Tank

Eurocard 100 x 160mm

Miller Cutter - Cylinder Straight Crosscut

Velleman VTHD01 PCB Drill

M3.0 and M4.0 Plastic Spacers

Etch TankMatrix & Strip BoardMilling CuttersPCB Drills and StandsPCB Stand Offs

Double Sided Glass Fibre Photoresist board

Polystyrene Processing Tray

Tag Strip Dual Row( 2 x 10)

Fine Etch resist pen

Photo Resist BoardSeno ApplicatorsPCB Processing TraysTag StripPCB Transfers & Pens

Small UV Exposure unit

UV Exposure Units    

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