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UV Exposure Unit

Small UV Exposure unit
Work Area229 x 159 mm
Lamp2 x 8W
Dimensions420 x 175 x 90mm
This steel framed model is our most cost effective UV exposure unit. The tubes are located in the base of the unit. Your art work is placed on the glass exposure area, the PCB (photo sensitive side down), is placed on top of the artwork. A hinged lid which contains a pressure pad forces the artwork and sensitive material together on the illuminated area. This model has a 6 minute timer which also acts as the mains switch. When the control knob is rotated to the required time the power is turned on and the two UV lamps are illuminated. The power is turned off when the timer finishes. Covered in a black rexine coating
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332-002LV202-E Small UV Exposure unit, 2 x 8W Tubes-


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