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LED Bezels and Clips

Standard Single Part

3mm Plastic Clip5mm Plastic Clip
Low cost black plastic panel clip suitable for most makes of 3mm and 5mm LED's.
Order Code 150+100+500+
719-3103mm One Part LED Clip0.070.0440.03960.0352
719-5105mm One Part LED Clip0.070.05880.05290.047


5mm Bezel LED Clips

Recessed LED ClipProtruding LED Clip
Black plastic single part LED clips giving an attractive finish. Matching Protruding and Recessed type available for 5mm LED's.
Order Code 150+100+500+
719-5155mm Recessed LED Clip0.180.11880.10690.095
719-5205mm Protruding LED Clip0.130.10780.0970.0862


8 and 10mm Bezel LED Clips

8mm Protruding LED Clip10mm Protruding LED Clip
Black plastic single part LED clips giving an attractive finish. Matching Protruding range for 8mm and 10mm LED's.
Order Code 125+50+100+
719-7108mm Protruding LED Clip0.220.14460.13010.1157
719-81010mm Protruding LED Clip0.210.1890.1680.147


Chrome Bezel LED Clips

3mm Chrome LED Clip

Clearance Hole 6.0mmØ

5mm Chrome LED Clip

Clearance Hole 8.0mmØ

Chrome plated recessed LED panel holders for use with most makes of 3mm and 5mm LED's. A push fit retaining mount holds the LED into the bezel and the holder is secured to the panel by a nut and washer supplied. Both types suitable for panels up to 5.0mm thick.
Order Code 125+50+100+
719-3303mm Chrome LED Clip0.240.19650.15720.1415
719-5305mm Chrome LED Clip0.370.29540.26590.2363


Infrared Transmitters
Beam Angle20º
Mounting Hole8.0mmØ
Dimensions20 x 13mmØ

All metal LED holders which incorporate a small glass lens. These can be used with any 5mmØ LED. Ideal for the design of photoelectric barriers, remote control, detectors, etc as they help to concentrate the light and increase operating range by 30 times.

(Supplied as a pack of 2).

Order Code Pack 
719-535Infrared Transmitters (Pack of 2)11.51 


Lens for 5mm Infrared RX and TX

A pack of 6 plastic reflectors for use with 5mm infrared diodes. They help to crease the operating range of infrared transmitters and receivers.

(Supplied as a pack of 6)

Order Code Pack 
719-540Lens for 5mm diodes (Pack of 6)2.30 


Low Profile LED Lens

Low Profile LED/Lens Clip
A combined low profile lens and LED panel clip for use 5mm LED. Available in five colours or as a clear lens. Low profile suitable for panels 0.8 to 6.35mm thick, a retaining ring is available for use with the low profile lens when a panel is less than 4.8mm thick.
Order Code 125+50+100+
719-550Low Profile Red LED Clip0.390.3510.3120.273
719-551Low Profile Green LED Clip0.390.3510.3120.273
719-552Low Profile Yellow LED Clip0.390.3510.3120.273
719-553Low Profile Orange LED Clip0.390.3510.3120.273
719-555Low Profile Clear LED Clip0.390.3510.3120.273
719-556Low Profile Ring0.100.08820.07840.0686


Protruding LED Lens

Protruding LED/Lens Clip
A combined lens and LED panel clip for use 5mm LED. Available coloured or as a clear lens. Available as a protruding lens suitable for panels 1.6 to 3.2mm thick.
Order Code 125+50+100+
719-560Protruding Red LED Clip0.360.3510.3120.273
719-561Protruding Green LED Clip0.360.3510.3120.273
719-562Protruding Yellow LED Clip0.360.3510.3120.273
719-563Protruding Orange LED Clip0.360.3510.3120.273
719-565Protruding Clear LED Clip0.360.3510.3120.273


Colour (Surround)Black
Dimensions82 x 38 x 5mm
Cebek cover for there range of 3 and 4 digit counters and panel meters. Consists of a plastic surround and opaque red plastic screen. Suitable for any 7-Segment 12.5mm high LED displays. Supplied with four fixing nuts and washers.
Order Code Each 
400-950Front cover for 3 and 4 digit 7-Segment Displays5.99 


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