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Infrared Devices

3mm Standard

Standard 3mm IR Diodes
Emitter Diode (720-310) 
VF Max1.6V@20mA
Rise Time600ns
Radiant Power3.6mW
Peak Wavelength940nm
Photo Transistor (721-310) 
Power Dissipation Max100mW@25C
Light Current7mA@20mW/cm
Dark Current100nA@VCE=10V
Rise Time8s
Fall Time6s
A pair of Infrared devices housed in a 3mm LED package. An emitter diode and photo transistor which can be used together and easily interfaced with logic devices. Anode (+ve) identified by long lead.
Order Code 125+50+100+
720-3103mm IR Emitter0.170.13420.12080.1074
721-3103mm IR Photo Transistor0.200.1650.1320.1188


5mm Standard

Standard 5mm Infrared Diodes
Emitter Diode (720-510) 
VF Max1.7V
IF Max100mA
Radiant Power20mW
Power Dissipation120mW
Peak Wavelength880nm
Photo Transistor (721-592) 
Breakdown (IR=100A)32V (Min)
Light Current (VR=5V)45A
Dark Current (VR=10V)2nA
A pair of high power Infrared devices. The emitter is housed in a 5mm clear LED package and the PIN photo diode is housed in a square black epoxy moulding. Anode (+ve) identified by long lead.
Order Code 125+50+100+
720-5105mm IR Emitter0.170.13820.12440.1106
721-5925mm IR PIN Photo Diode (Receiver)0.580.5220.4640.406

5mm Photo Transistor/Diode

5mm Infrared Diodes
Photo Transistor 
VR Max50V
Power Dissipation100mW
Dark Current5nA
Rise/Fall Time5s
Peak Wavelength850nm
Acceptance Angle40
Infrared receiver with a medium beam angle, housed in a 5mm LED package.
Order Code 125+50+100+
721-5125mm IR PIN Photo Diode (Receiver)0.750.500.450.40


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