Cebek Speed Controller for 12v Motors with Forward/Reverse

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R61 Cebek Motor Control R-61

Cebek R-61 module is a speed controller for DC motors. It will control electric motors from 9 to 15VDC with a maximum consumption of 2.0A. The speed and direction of motor is controlled via on-board potentiometer or via remotely wired potentiometer. The module operates at 100Hz frequency, LED indication of power on and protected by glass fuse. A suitable external potentiometer can be between 10K & 47k, 10k Recommended, either a standard pot or a centre click pot (giving a positive centre off point)
Reference R-61
Output Transistor
Operating Frequency 100Hz
Maximum Load 2.0A
Power Supply 9 - 15VDC
Dimensions 107 x 121x 50mm
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