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Antistatic Wrist Strap

Digital Callipers

Circlip Pliers

CK Redline Combination Pliers

CK Crimping Pliers Model 3680

Anti-Static Mats Callipers Circlip Pliers Combination Pliers Crimping Pliers

Standard Desolder Pump

10 Piece HSS Reduced shank drill set

6 Piece Mini File Set

6" Junior Hacksaw

Helping Hands with magnifying glass and Soldering Iron Stand

De Solder Tools Drills Files Hacksaw Helping Hands

TKW8M Metric Hex Key Set

Professional Punch down IDC & Trim Tool

CK Telescopic Inspection Mirror

Jokari Wire Stripping Tool No.14

Retractable Trimming Knife

Hex Keys IDC Punch Down Inspection Mirrors Jokari Tools Knives

Handheld Magnifier

CK Triton Metric Nut Spinner

IC Extraction Tool

DRAPER Hot Air Gun

CK Xonic Superslim Cross Point Screwdriver

Magnifying Glasses Nut Spinners Pick Up Tools Power Tools Precision Screwdrivers

DRAPER 266 Hand Riveting Pliers

138 Piece Rotary Tool Accessory Set

Slotted Engineers Screwdriver

Micro Side Cutters

Draper 35A Long Nose Pliers

Riveters Rotary Tool Accessories Screwdrivers Side Cutters Snipe Nose Pliers

100g Reel 1.0mm Lead Free Solder

General Purpose Soldering Iron 30W 230V

Five Piece Metric Open End Spanner Set

CK Staple Gun

Draper PSS6 Soft Grip Screwdriver Set

Solder Soldering Irons Spanner Sets Staple Guns Tool Sets

Draper Torx Driver


CK SensoPlus VDE Pozidrive Screwdriver

Engineers Bench Vice

Perel Wire Stripper

Torx Drivers Trimmers VDE Screw Drivers Bench Vices Wire Strippers

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