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Torx Drivers

Pentalobe Driver for iPhone®
Dimensions138 x 40mmØ

TS1 Pentalobe screwdriver for accessing iPhone® models 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 6. A 35mmØ suction cup is also provided to aid taking the phone apart

Order Code Each 
285-195TS1 Pentalobe Screwdriver for iPhone®3.99 


Draper Torx Driver
TXB T6T64.0mm75mm
TXB T7T74.0mm75mm
TXB T9T94.0mm75mm
TXBT T25T256.0mm100mm

Draper Torx* Drivers, T6 - T9 have a solid bit, T10 - T25 have a hole in the centre allowing them to be used with security type fasteners. Set of 7 Torx* Drivers are also available in handy storage case.

Order Code Each 
282-506Draper T6 Torx* Driver2.93 
282-507Draper T7 Torx* Driver2.93 
282-509Draper T9 Torx* Driver2.93 
282-525Draper T25 Tamperproof Torx* Driver4.48 


Torx Key Set
MaterialSNCM-V Steel

Draper TX8/7 TX-STAR keys compatible with Torx* fixing systems. Supplied in plastic holder, contains seven keys T10, T15, T20, T25, T27 , T30 and T40.

Order Code Each 
282-605Draper TX8/7 Torx* Key Set7.16 

*Torx is the registered trademark of Camcar/Textron Inc.

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