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2.5mm Stereo Plug - 3.5mm Stereo Socket

3.5mm Stereo Plug - 2 x Phono Sockets

6.35mm Stereo Plug - 3.5mm Stereo Socket Adaptor

BNC Socket - BNC Socket Bulkhead Adaptor

6.35mm Stereo Bulkhead Chassis Socket

2.5mm Jack3.5mm Jack6.35mm JackBNCBulkhead Fittings

Car Aerial adaptor, ISO to DIN

15 Way Male High Density Gender Changer

2.1mm DC Coupler, Plug-Plug

2 Pin Din Plug - Phono Socket

HDMI Adaptor

Automotive'D' Gender ChangerDC PowerDINDVI/HDMI

UK Visitor Travel Adaptor

FME Male - FME Male Adaptor

'F' Plug - 'F' Socket Adaptor (90 Elbow)

Lamp Socket Converter E27 to E14

ElectricalFME'F' TypeLamp FittingMini DIN

'N' Plug - 2 x 'N' Sockets

Phono Plug - 3.5mm Mono Socket Adaptor

UHF (PL259) Plug - 2 x UHF Sockets (S0239)

Scart Input Adaptor

Mini XLR'N' TypePhonoPL259Scart

Neutrik NL4MX 4-Pole Speakon Coupler

SMA Coupler, Socket to Socket

ADSL Filter BT & RJ11 Sockets

TNC Plug - UHF Socket Adaptor

Coaxial Plug - Coaxial Plug Adaptor

SpeakonSMATelecomTNCTV Coaxial

Dap Audio XGA34 audio adaptor

USB A Plug to Mini 5 Pin Socket


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