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Velleman EDU01 Solderless Educative Starter Kit

Velleman Solar Energy Experiment Kit

Learn how to Solder

Velleman USB Tutor Module

Velleman Oscilloscope Tutor Kit

Breadboard Starter Package Solar Energy Project Learn How to Solder Set USB Tutor Oscilloscope Tutor

Educational PC Oscilloscope Kit

Velleman Educational LCD Oscilloscope Kit

Running Microbug Mini kit

Cebek LED Project EDU001

Cebek EDU-003 Resistor Project

PC Oscilloscope Kit LCD Oscilloscope Kit Robotics LED Projects Resistor Projects

Cebek EDU-004 Soldering Project

Cebek EDU-006 Bridge Rectifier Project

Cebek EDU-007 Transistor Educational Project

Cebek 7-Segment LED EDU008

Cebek Linear Power Supply Project EDU-009

Learn how to Solder Bridge Rectifiers Transistor Projects 7-Segment Displays Power Supplies

Sound Generator Kit

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