• Description
Cebek CD-44 module is a 4-digit up/down counter, with last count memory and relay output It can count up from 0 to 9999 when it receives pulses from a closing contact like a push button or switch or by injecting an external signal (12VDC). The pre-selection function allows you to select a number and once this is reached, the count up/down will be blocked and the relay output is connected, waiting for it to continue or start again a count up/down. The pre-selection is done with the aid of a small numerical keyboard (Supplied). It has a memory function which allows it to store on an internal E2prom the last data when the module is switched off. Displaying it again when the unit is switched back on. The module also has the facility, by throwing a switch, to count down from the displayed count. The module also has a reset signal input, which allows you to reset the count at any time.

Cebek 4-Digit Up/Down Counter with Memory and Pre-Selector

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