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Velleman VM206

VM206 Universal Timer with USB Interface

VM206 Screen Display

Universal Timer with USB Interface Screen Shot

Specification Features:

  • 10 Operating modes:
    • toggle mode
    • start/stop timer
    • staircase timer
    • trigger-at-release timer
    • timer with turn on delay
    • timer with turn off delay
    • single shot timer
    • pulse-pause timer
    • pause-pulse timer
    • custom sequence timer
  • Wide timing range
  • Buffered inputs for external START / STOP buttons
  • Heavy duty relay
  • PC software for timer configuration and delay setting
  • Open source
  • Relay output: 8 A / 250 VAC max.
  • Minimum event time : 100 ms
  • Maximum event time: 1000 h (over 41 days)

Datasheet for VM206

PDF Download

Power Supply

12 VDC (100mA max.)




68 x 56 x 20mm



The VM206 is the most comprehensive timer module you will ever need. With its wide ranging event timing features and ten operating modes it uses are limitless. If the pre-programmed times and modes do not suit your application - simply hook it up to your PC and alter the setting to something more suitable to you.
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