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Extender USB Interface Board

Specification Features:

  • 8 analogue 10 bit resolution inputs: 05 or 10VDC / 20kohm
  • 8 analogue 8 bit resolution outputs: 05V or 10VDC / 47ohm
  • 8 digital inputs: open collector compatible (connection to GND=0) with on board LED indication
  • 8 digital open collector outputs (max. 50V/100mA) with on board LED indication
  • One 10 bit PWM output: 0 to 100% open collector output (max 100mA / 40V) with on board LED indication.
  • General response time: 4ms per command
  • USB Port: 2.0 and 1.1 compatible (USB cable included)
  • Power consumption through USB port: approx. 60mA
  • Up to 8 cards can be connected to PC
  • Power supply: 12Vdc / 300 mA
  • PWM Frequency: 15,6 KHz
  • Standard execution time: 48mS (use Microchip and K8061D.DLL drivers)
  • Enhanced execution time: 21mS (use K8061_C.DLL V1.0 by RE Applications)

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195 x 142 x 20mm




This computer interface board has a total of 33 inputs / outputs, including analogue / digital and a PWM output. The connection to the computer via the USB port is galvanically-optically isolated, so that damage to the computer is impossible thus providing a high level of secure implementation. All communication routines are contained in a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). You may write custom Windows* Applications in Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft VC or most other 32-bit Windows application development tool that supports calls to a DLL.

Additional software to up grade and improve this product is available from the Velleman support section on there website.

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