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Listing of All Velleman Kits and Modules


Velleman 2-Channel Code Lock Receiver Kit Kits (K)

Self assemble electronic Kits for the more experienced constructor. Many of these Kits require specialist knowledge or equipment to construct and some operate from 230Vac.

Shaking Dice Mini kit Mini Kits (MK)

Ideal for the beginner, each Mini Kit is a self contained project which will operate from a low voltage source. Great for schools, colleges and training organisations.

Velleman VM202N MP3 Jukebox Module Modules (VM)

Velleman electronic Modules are assembled versions of their more popular Kits and Mini Kits. These Modules come ready assembled and tested, they are ideal for incorporating in to your own project or can be used as they are. Some Modules are also supplied with housings.

Velleman KA0 Nibble Development Boards

Velleman develoment boards are pre-assembled modules which are manufactured under licence from Ardunio. They include processor boards, shields and sensors.

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