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Velleman Ready Made Modules

Velleman Kits
 M4307CAudio Power Meter 1000W RMS
 M4701ALoudspeaker DC-Protection Module 30 Watts
 MMK117Deluxe Christmas Tree
 MM104Li-ion Battery Charger
 MM1055V Relay
 MM106Opto Isolator
 MM107RS485 Driver
 MM1083.3, 5, 9Vdc Power Supply
 MM109Light Sensor
 MM110Digital to Analogue Converter
 MM112Analogue to Digital Converter
 MM209Class D 2.8W Mono Audio Amplifier
 MM210Class D 2.8W Stereo Audio Amplifier
 VM100200W Power Amplifier

 VM110NCompact USB Interface Card
 VM111PIC Programmer and Experiment
 VM112Personal Animated Badge
 VM113Stereo Amplifier Module 2 x 30Watts
 VM1147W Mono Audio Amplifier
 VM116USB Controlled DMX Interface
 VM1188-Channel RF Remote Control Receiver/Transmitter
 VM118RReplacement 8-Channel RF Remote Transmitter
 VM1191- Channel Dual Output Receiver
 VM12010-Channel 12VDC Light Effect Generator
 VM12115-Channel IR Remote Transmitter

 VM12215-Channel Infrared Receiver
 VM1241A Power Supply (1.2 - 30V)
 VM125Ultrasonic Radar Module
 VM1302-Channel RF Remote Control Receiver/Transmitter
 VM130T2-Channel RF Remote Control Transmitter
 VM132Universal Temperature Sensor
 VM133Energy Saver
 VM134PIC Programmer Board
 VM136Interval Timer
 VM137Thermostat 5º - 30ºC
 VM138DMX-Controlled Relay
 VM139IR Remote Checker
 VM140Extender USB Interface Board
 VM141Start/Stop Timer (1s - 60h)
 VM142Mini PIC Application Unit
 VM143/1W1W Power LED Driver
 VM144Telephone Ring Detector with Relay Output
 VM145Digital Panel Thermometer with Min/Max Read Out
 VM147Panel Counter
 VM148Thermostat -18º - 60ºC with housing
 VM150RGB LED Dimmer for DIN Rail Module
 VM151RGB Controller with Remote Control
 VM152LED Dimmer with Remote Control
 VM1604-channel RF Transmitter and Receiver
 VM160DT4-channel RF Transmitter
 VM161RGB LED Strip Colour Controller
 VM162RGB LED Strip Colour Dimmer
 VM163Clock Module with Switched Output
 VM164Push Button Dimmer Module
 VM167Mini USB Interface Board
 VM169RGB Power Slave Module
 VM179Proximity Card Reader
 VM186Low Voltage LED Light Organ
 VM187Low Voltage LED Dimmer
 VM188Pulse-Pause Timer Module (1s - 60h)
 VM18912 Volt Car Battery Monitor
 VM1914-Channel IR Transmitter
 VM201Ethernet Relay Card
 VM202NMP3 Jukebox
 VM203USB PIC Programmer
 VM204 4-Channel Ethernet Relay Card
 VM205Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer Shield for Raspberry PI
 VM206Universal Timer with USB Interface Module
 VM20764 LED (8 x 8) RGB Matrix
 VM211Earth Listener
 VM80908-Channel USB Relay Card
 VM8201Stand Alone Controller for 3D Printer
 VM82023D Printer Head LED Ring
 VM8095MP3 Player
 VMA01RGB Shield
 VMA02Audio Shield
 VMA03Motor and Power
 VMA04Ethernet Shield
 VMA05In/Out Shield
 VMA11FM Radio Shield

 VMA100ATmega328 UNO Development Board
 VMA101ATmega2560 MEGA Development Board
 VMA102ATmega328 NANO Development Board
 VMA103ATmega32u4 LEONARDO Development Board
 VMA200Expansion Board for ARDUINO® UNO R3
 VMA201Protoshield and Breadboard for for ARDUINO® UNO R3
 VMA202Data Logging Shield for ARDUINO® UNO R3
 VMA203LCD and Keypad Shield for UNO R3 ARDUINO® UNO R3
 VMA3003 x 4 Matrix Membrane Keypad
 VMA301DS1302 RTC Module with Battery
 VMA302Bluetooth HC-5 Transmitter
 VMA303Soil Moisture and Water Level Sensor
 VMA304SD Card Logging Shield
 VMA305Capacitive Touch Switch
 VMA306HC-SR05 Ultrasonic Sensor
 VMA307RGB LED Module
 VMA308Magnetic Reed Switch Module
 VMA309Microphone Sound Sensor Module
 VMA310Tactile Switch Sensor Module
 VMA311DHT11 Digital Temp/Humidity Sensor
 VMA312Vibration/Shock Sensor
 VMA313Hall Effect Magnetic Switch
 VMA314PIR Motion Sensor
 VMA315X/Y Joystick Module
 VMA316Infrared Transmitter Module
 VMA317Infrared Receiver Module
 VMA318RGB LED Module
 VMA319Active Buzzer Module
 VMA320Analogue Temperature Sensor
 VMA3211 Amp Lithium-ion Battery Charger
 VMA4004-Channel Relay Module
 VMA4015V Stepper Motor Driver and Motor
 VMA4022 Amp DC Step-up Converter
 VMA403Velleman 0.6Amp DC Step-up Converter
 VMA4042.5Amp DC Step-down Converter
 VMA405RFID Read/Write Module
 VMA4065V Relay Module
 VMA407Light Activated Switch
 VMA4083 Watt Class D Stereo Amplifier
 VMA409Dual 2 Amp Stepper Motor Controller
 VMA4103.3/5V TTL Level Converter Module
 VMA4115 Amp MOSFET Driver Module
 VMA4122.8" Touch Screen for UNO/MEGA
 VMA5002-Wheel Drive Motor Chassis
 VMA501Starter Kit UNO Board (VMA100)
 VMA502Starter Kit MEGA2560 Board (VMA101)
 VMA503Starter Kit Components and Breadboard


Starter Kit for NANO Boards (VMA102)

 VM8400DBDRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Board
 VM8400MBK8400 3D Printer Main Board
 VM8600Vertex Nano 3D Printer

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