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Velleman 2-Channel Digital Storage Scope for PCVelleman Kits

2-Channel Digital Storage Scope for PC

Specification Features:

  • Oscilloscope:
    • Timebase: 20ns to 100ms per division
    • Trigger source: CH1, CH2, EXT or free run
    • Trigger edge: rising or falling
    • Trigger level: adjustable in whole screen
    • Step interpolation: linear or smoothed
    • Markers for: voltage and frequency
    • Input sensitivity: 5mV to 15V / division with auto setup-function
    • Pre-trigger function
    • True RMS readout (only AC component)
    • Recording length: 4096 samples / channel
    • Sampling frequency:
      • real-time: 1.25kHz to 50MHz
      • repetitive: 1GHz
  • Spectrum analyser:
    • Frequency range: 0...1.2kHz to 25MHz
    • Linear or logarithmic time scale
    • Operating principle: FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
    • FFT resolution: 2048 lines
    • FFT input channel: CH1 or CH2
    • Zoom function
    • Markers for amplitude and frequency
  • Transient recorder:
    • Time scale: 20ms/div to 2000s/div
    • Max. recording time: 9.4hours/screen
    • Automatic data storage
    • Automatic recording for more than 1 year
    • Max. number of samples: 100/s
    • Min. number of samples: 1 sample / 20s
    • Markers for time and amplitude
    • Zoom function
    • Recording and display of screens
    • Data format: ASCII

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The PCS500 is a digital storage oscilloscope that uses a computer and its monitor to display waveforms. All standard oscilloscope functions are available through the supplied Windows program. Its operation is identical to that of normal oscilloscope apart from the fact that all operations can be performed with the mouse. Connection is through the computer's parallel port and the scope is completely optically isolated from the computer port. The oscilloscope and transient recorder have two completely separated channels with a sampling frequency up to 1GHz. Any waveform displayed on the screen can be stored for later use in documents or for the comparison of waveforms.

Additional software to up grade and improve this product is available from the Velleman support section on there website.

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