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Velleman MM103 Analogue Pressure SensorVelleman Kits

Velleman MM103 Analogue Pressure Sensor

Specification Features:

  • Converts barometric pressure to analogue voltage
  • Measurement range: between 0.15 and 1.15 bars
  • Maximum pressure tolerance: 4 BAR
  • Transient time: 20 ms
  • Output Voltage ratio: 45 mV/kPa
  • Minimum offset Voltage: 0,2 V
  • Output signal: analogue
  • Maximum Voltage: 4,7 V at 115 kPa
  • Operating temperature range: between 0 C and 85 C
  • Power Supply 5V

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Dimensions (PCB)

22 x 22 x 5mm



The MM103 mini module from Velleman is an analogue pressure sensor. It is small, versatile and easy to use! Use this SMD prototyping board by connecting it to your existing circuits in order to perform tests and build prototypes. Ideal for use with any microcontroller based controllers i.e.: Arduino, Picaxe and Rasberry Pi modules.
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