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Velleman Handheld Scope with OLED Display

Velleman HPS140 MKII Scope

HPS140 MKII Oscilloscope

Handheld Scope with OLED Display


Specification Features:

  • 40 Mega samples/sec in real time
  • Full auto range option
  • Sensitivity down to 0.1 mV
  • Signal markers for amplitude and time
  • Memory hold function
  • Direct audio power measurement
  • Audio power measurement from 2 to 32 ohms
  • Bandwidth: up to 10 MHz (-3dB or -4dB at selected ranges)
  • Input range: 1 mV to 20 V / division in 14 steps
  • Input coupling: DC, AC and GND
  • Real-time sample rate up to 40 MS/s
  • AD resolution: 8 bits
  • Time base: 250 ns to 1 h per division
  • Auto set-up function (or manual)
  • Readouts: DC, AC + DC,True RMS, dBm, Vpp, Min-Max. (2.5%)
  • Hold & store function
  • Time and voltage markers readout
  • Max. 100 Vp AC + DC
  • Monochrome OLED
  • Operating time: up to 8 hours on quality Alkaline batteries
  • For use on CLASS II pollution degree II installations
  • Current consumption: max. 150 mA
Optional Accessories:


  • HPS141: component tester for pocket scope HPS140MK2

  • HPSP1: protective pouch for Velleman Instruments

Read the fully Illustrated Operational Manual for

HPS140 MK2

PDF Download


LF190E 126-067

Power Supply

6Vdc 4 x 1.5V AAA 012-415


114 x 68 x 22mm



The HPS140MK2 handheld oscilloscope still holds the same power as its predecessor, the HPS140, but in a new and modern design. Although small in size, this oscilloscope packs 40 MS/s in real time and it's sensitivity can go as low as 0.1 mV. It also has a full automatic measuring system but can be operated manually if preferred.
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