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Vertex Nano Printer

Specification Features:

  • Printing:


    • Print technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
    • Layer resolution: standard: 0.1 mm (maximum: 0.2 mm - minimum: 0.05 mm)
    • Build plate: 80 x 80 mm
    • Build volume: 80 x 80 x 75 mm / 3,15 x 3,15 x 2,95"
    • Build plate surface: Metal plate with BuildTak™ (consumable; also sold separately)
    • Print speed: 40mm/s
    • Travel speed: 70mm/s
    • filament diameter: 1.75 mm
    • Prints: PLA, ABS (testing with other materials in progress)
    • Maximum nozzle operating temperature (extruder location: back): 245°C
    • Maximum nozzle operating temperature (extruder location: front): 260°C
  • Software:
    • Firmware: Modified Open Source Marlin 3D Printer. Firmware – user upgradable
    • Software: Repetier – CuraEngine – Slic3r (RepRap compatible)
  • Hardware:
    • Dimensions: 230 x 150 x 160 mm / 9 x 5,9 x 6,3"
    • Frame: sturdy, metal frame
    • Weight: 2.3 kg / 5 lb
    • Average noise level during operation: 45dB(A)
    • Ambient operation temperature: max 25 °C
    • Storage temperature: - 10 °C to + 40 °C
  • Electrical:
    • Communication: USB 2.0 or SD card
    • Controller board: AVR ATmega2560 based
    • Display: 4 x 20 char. blue LCD with white backlight
    • AC input: 100-240 V~, 50/60Hz
    • LED illuminated logo
Download Drivers
Download ZIP FileFirmware for the Vertex 3D printer with one nozzle. Version M1-V1.1-H1.
Download ZIP FileVertex 3D printer Repetier Host. Version 1.0.6.
Vertex Nano
 Software: Repetier version 0.84 and up


Read the fully Illustrated Manual for VM8600

PDF Download


ABS and PLA (Not supplied with Filament Wire)

Power Supply

100 - 240 VAC 50-60Hz 150W max.



230 x 150 x 183mm




The VM8600 3D printer (Vertex Nano) has plenty of new features that make this printer extraordinary. It uses a 3mm magnetic build plate with Buildtak™ as print surface. The extruder has a built in process for loading and unloading filament with reliable feeding and retraction of 1.75mm filament. It is a ultra strong direct drive extruder with stainless steel filament pulley wheel. The Nano has a actively cooled nozzle assembly in full metal construction with orifice diameter of 0.4mm. The whole print process is controlled via the on board controller which reads the files directly from an SD card. Load and unload filament with a simple command from the rotary encoder. The main axis use silver steel rods with brass bushes for precision accuracy.

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