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Ground Loop Isolator


Ground Loop Isolator



2 x RCA Sockets


2 x RCA Plugs

Cable Length600mm





How to Connect Your Laptop to a Mixer, use this low cost ground loop isolator, helps to eliminate earth loops and stops interference.
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309-080Ground Loop Isolator6.00 

IMG Stage Line DIB-100

IMG Stage Line DIB-100 DI Box


Output XLR Plug600Ω Balanced
Input " Socket50kΩ Unbalanced
Frequency Response15Hz - 30kHz
Power Supply-
Dimensions130 x 45 x 74mm
Download Handbook >
IMG Stage Line DIB-100 provides the optimum signal transmission from musical instruments to a mixer or amplifier. By using a transformer coupling, interferences due to matching problems, e.g. hum loops, are prevented to a large extent. Input and output are DC separated. Jack input and  XLR (Male) Output. Ground lift switch and 3-fold attenuation switch (0/-20/-40dB)
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DIB-100IMG Stage Line Passive DI Box13.95 

IMG Stage Line FGA-102

IMG Stage Line FGA-102 Stereo Line Transformer
Input RCA Sockets600Ω
Output RCA Sockets600Ω
Power Supply-
Dimensions75 x 55 x 125mmmm
FGA-102 is a professional stereo line transformer is used to reduce or remove all signal interference and hum loops which may occur, when connecting lap top computers or PC sound cards to audio mixers. The FGA-102 is housed in a strong robust case, making it ideal for on the road use.
Order Code Each 
FGA-102Stereo Line Transformer28.99 

IMG Stage Line FGA-202

FGA-202 2 Channel Line Transformer
Input XLR/Jack Female600Ω (Balanced)
Output XLR Male600Ω (Balanced)
Power Supply-
Dimensions75 x 55 x 125mmmm
IMG Stage Line FGA-202 is a professional 2-channel line transformer used to reduce or remove all signal interference and hum loops which may occur, when connecting several mixers or amplifiers together in large sound system installations. The FGA-202 is fitted with earth ground lift switch.
Order Code Each 
FGA-2022-Channel Line Transformer49.97 

IMG Stage Line LTR-102

Stage Line LTR-102 Line Transformer
Input XLR Female600Ω
Output XLR Male600Ω /150Ω
Optimum source impedance50-600Ω
Maximum input voltage5V
Optimum load impedance>2kΩ
Frequency Response20Hz - 25kHz
Power Supply-
Dimensions120 x 44 x 90mm
Download Handbook >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
The LTR-102 line transformer offers DC separation in audio signal ways, reduces the output impedance for long cable runs. The LTR-102 has controls for ratio (1:1/600Ω to 2:1/150Ω), ground lift separation via ground lift switch and phase 0 to 180. The inputs can either be " Jack or XLR socket the outputs can also be by either method. When the front input jack is used the rear XLR socket is switched off, if the front " jack output is used the rear XLR socket is switched off.
Order Code Each 
LTR-102Variable Line Transformer32.49 

IMG Stage Line LC-31

IMG Stage Line LC-31 Combiner
Input XLR Sockets600Ω
Output XLR Plug600Ω
Power Supply-
Dimensions85 x 55 x 160mmmm
IMG Stage Line LC-31 is a small compact 2-Channel signal combiner. Each channel has two balanced XLR isolated inputs, with ground lift switch and one balanced XLR output. Suitable for combining to mixers in to one amplifier etc. Housed in a robust metal housing suitable for all stage and studio applications.
Order Code Each 
LC-312-Channel Signal Combiner22.86 


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