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Adastra RM244V Amplifier

Adastra Zone Amplifier
Main Output Screw Terminals240W RMS 100V, 8Ω
Microphone Input ¼" XLR/Jack Sockets2mV/5kΩ
Phantom Power-
Auxiliary Input RCA Sockets150mV/3kΩ Unbalanced
BluetoothVersion 2
Frequency Response65Hz - 16kHz
Power Supply110 - 230V~50Hz
Dimensions430 x 315 x 89mm
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  • Built-in USB/SD player with Bluetooth and FM tuner

  • Compatible with CS4 call stations (953.146UK)

  • 4 individual volume attenuators

  • Switchable +20V phantom power

  • Send/return loop for connection to audio processors or amplifiers

  • Supplied with 19" rack-mount ears (2U)

Adastra RM244V 240W mixer-amplifier with 3 microphone/line inputs, 1 aux input and a built-in media player. Connections for microphone/line inputs are jack or XLR and channel 1 input has a variable mute for priority override. 24V contacts can be connected to a fire alarm panel for emergency evacuation if required. The media section can provide playback from Bluetooth®, USB/SD media or an FM tuner. Output terminals are provided for 4 zones which share the output of the 240W amplifier, governed by 4 individual rotary volume switches on the front panel. RJ45 inputs on the rear panel allow connection for up to two CS4 call stations to enable paging to individual or all zones. The RM244V offers versatile 4-zone control without the expense of a quad amplifier and can even be operated as the front end to an expanded public address system.

Zone Amplifier (Rear)
Order Code Each 
443-144Adastra 5 Channel Zone Amplifier with Bluetooth®254.99 

Monacor PA-4040 Amplifier

Monacot PA-4040
Main Output Screw Terminals4 x 40W RMS 70/100V and 4/8Ω
Mic/line inputs XLR/¼" Jack5mV/4kΩ, 100mV/10kΩ Balanced
Line Inputs RCA Sockets100mV/30kΩ
Telephone Paging40mV/5kΩ
Frequency Response50 - 17kHz 
THD< 0.2%
Power Supply230V˜/50Hz/450VA
Dimensions482 x 133 x 310mm (3U)
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  • Built in integrated limiters
  • Microphone inputs with +15V phantom power
  • Priority function for channels 1-3,
  • Independent paging input, can be routed to all zones
  • 4 zones, can be controlled individually
  • Zone and monitor line outputs for further amplifiers
  • Connection for monitor speakers 
  • Adjustable headphone output
  • Temperature-controlled fan

The Monacor PA-4040 is four individual 40w amplifiers in one 19" case. The four amplifiers (Zones) have there own level controls and LED display. Each amplifier can drive either a 100V line speaker system or 4 - 8Ω speakers. The PA-4040 has 5 input channels, 3 suitable for microphones/line level and 2 dedicated line level. All input channels have 2-way EQ, gain and level controls. The output of the input channels can be assigned to any of the four amplifiers.

Order Code Each 
PA-4040Monacor PA-4040 4 Channel Zone Amplifier302.50 

Monacor PA-1240 Amplifier

PA-1240 Amplifier
Main Output Screw Terminals5 x 50W RMS 70/100V or 240W 4Ω
Pre-Amplifier Output775mv/100Ω Unbalanced
Microphone Inputs ¼"/XLR Sockets2.5mV/5kΩ Balanced
Line Inputs ¼" Jack Sockets250mV/15 kΩ Unbalanced
Auxillary Input775mV/10kΩ Unbalanced
Frequency Response55Hz - 16kHz
S/N Ratio>80dB
Power Supply230V~50Hz 630VA or 24V DC@27A
Dimensions482 x 133 x 352mm (3U)
Download Handbook >PDF Logo
  • 5 Individual Output Zones
  • Internal Chime and Howling
  • Phantom Power
  • CD and Message Modules (Option)
  • Mains and Battery Operation

The Monacor PA-1240 Amplifier has five output zones which can be individually controlled from the front of the amplifier. It has three input channels that will accept either balanced microphones or line signals. It has two more channels which will only accept unbalanced line level signals. The amplifier has overall controls for bass and treble and master volume, a chime or howling sound effect is built-in as is a 48v phantom supply. The Monacor PA-1240 has the facility to insert a CD module or Digital Recording module into the front panel.

Monacor PA-1240 Amplifier
Order Code Each 
PA-1240Monacor PA-1240 5-Zone Mixer Amplifier450.80 

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