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W Audio DM 800H Twin Handheld System

W Audio DTM 800 Twin Handheld System

W Audio DTM800 Twin Belt Pack System

W Audio RM 30 Radio Microphone

W Audio RM 30 Receiver

W Audio DM 800H Dual Hand Held

W Audio DTM 800 Dual Handheld

W Audio DTM 800 Dual Belt Pack

W Audio RM 30 Single Hand Held

W Audio RM 30 Dual Handheld
W-Audio TM 80 Twin Hand Held System
443-194 Adastra Boundary Microphone
ECM-200 Desk Microphone
IMG Stage Line EMG-648 Gooseneck Microhone
ECM-150 Condenser Microphone
W-Audio TM 80 Dual Hand HeldBoundary Microphones

Desk Microphones

Gooseneck Microphones

Handheld (Vocal)

HSE-150sk Headband Microphone
ECM-300L Lavalier Microphone
IMG Stage Line ECM-925 Directional Microphone
Head Microphones

Lavaliar (Tie Clip)

Rifle (Shotgun) Microphones


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Fax: 0191 252 2296


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