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Smoke Machine Cleaning Fluid

All fog machines are prone to clogging due to the consistency of the smoke fluid and the high temperature at which it vaporizes. A smoke machine should be cleaned after approximately every 40 hours of continuous operation. It is recommended to run a cleaning solution through the system to prevent the accumulation of particulate matter in the heating element. The cleaning fluid should be mixed with distilled water. (10% Cleaning Fluid 90% Distilled Water) before flushing through smoke machine, it can be used neat on nozzles etc.

1. Unplug machine and allow to cool, unscrew nozzle and clean out debris with smoke machine cleaning fluid and a pipe cleaner, making sure hole is clear.

2. Empty all smoke fluid from machine, add cleaning fluid solution to tank. Plug machine in and allow to warm up.

3. Run in a well ventilated area until the tank is empty (minimum of about 3 minutes).

4. Replace nozzle.

5. The cleaning process is now complete. Refill with smoke fluid and run the machine for a further couple of minutes to flush out any remaining fluid.


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