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Novelty light Effects

Cebek Electronic Kits Velleman Kits
        Velleman 3D LED Cube Mini kit
  K8018 3D LED Cube
  L-6 Stroboscope
  MK101 Flashing LED Sweetheart
  MK103 Sound to Light
  MK107 LED Running Light
  MK110 Simple One Channel Light Organ
  MK131 Traffic Light Simulator
  MK141 SMD Happy Face (Surface Mount Components)
  MK143 White LED Flashlight
  MK144 Flashing Heart
  MK145 Halloween Pumpkin
  MK147 Dual White LED Stroboscope
  MK148 Dual Super Bright Flashing Red Lights
  MK155 Magic Message
  MK166 Animated Ghost
  MK167 Electronic Candle
  MK172 Sound LED Star
  MK173 Mini 6-LED Chaser
  MK175 Animated LED Smiley
  MK176 LED Chevron Arrow 3D Xmas Tree Mini kit
  MK180 2-Channel  LED Flasher
  MK185 Solar Bug
  MK186 Low Voltage LED Light Organ
  MK193 3D LED Cube
  MK199W Animated Starlight White LED
  MK202 Halloween Jack O Lantern Mini kit
  VM112 Personal Animated Badge
  WSL213 Flashing Heart
  WSI102Flashing LED's
    Christmas Light Effects  
  MK100 Red Electronic Christmas Tree
  MK100B Blue Electronic Christmas Tree
  MK116 Riding Santa
  MK117 Deluxe Xmas Tree
  MK122 Animated Bell with 83 LED's
  MK130 3D Xmas Tree
  MK142 SMD Xmas Tree (Surface Mount Components)
  MK169R Flashing LED Star (Red)
  MK169Y Flashing LED Star (Yellow)
  MK170 60 LED Multi-Effect Star
  MK183 USB SMD X-Mass Tree Mini Kit
  MK197 RGB LED Ball


Animated Snowman LED
  MMK117 Deluxe Christmas Tree

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