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Paradigm LM386 Stereo Amplifier


LM386 Stereo Amplifier Kit



Rated Power (RMS)5W
Frequency RangekHz
Output Impedance
Power Supply12 - 26VDC
Dimensions63.5 x 50.8mm
Technical Information >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications

The kit uses LM384 audio power amplifiers and contains two identical amplifiers capable of delivering a voltage gain of 26 dB with a bandwidth of 300kHz. This kit uses the 8-Pin PDIP to allow a package dissipation of 1.25W. Paradigm Technologies have designed a fully symmetrical PCB around the LM386 chipsets to ensure that maximum performance is obtained.

An upgrade kit is available using high quality passive components and also includes polyester bypass capacitors. Very high quality low ESR electrolytic capacitors, very low temperature coefficient metal film resistors, alongside the thermally stable very high quality bypass capacitors, enables this kit to deliver maximum performance and sound quality.

Paradigm LM386 Stereo Amplifier PCB
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