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Replacement Bits for Temperature Controlled Irons

Replacement Tip for Model VTSS4N, VTSS5 Soldering Irons:
BITC7N1BITS5 Replacement BitPoint1.2mm
Order Code Each 
167-032BITS5 Replacement Bit2.14 


Replacement Tips for Model VTSSC10N, VTSSC20N, VTSSC30N, VTSSC40N Soldering Irons:
BITC10N1BITC10N1 Replacement BitPoint1.6mm
BITC10N2BITC10N2 Replacement BitPoint3.0mm
BITC10N3BITC10N3 Replacement BitChisel3.0mm
BITC10N4BITC10N4 Replacement BitChisel2.0mm
Order Code Each 
167-050BITC10N1 Replacement Bit1.89 
167-052BITC10N2 Replacement Bit1.89 
167-054BITC10N3 Replacement Bit1.89 
167-056BITC10N4 Replacement Bit1.89 


Replacement Tips for Model VTSSC50N Soldering Iron:
BITC50N1BITC50N1 Replacement Soldering TipPoint0.5mm
BITC50N2BITC50N2 Replacement BitPoint1.0mm
BITC50N3Soldering Bit BITC50N3Chamfered3.0mm
BITC50N4BITC50N4 Soldering TipChisel2.0mm
Order Code Each 
167-040BITC50N1 Replacement Bit2.06 
167-042BITC50N2 Replacement Bit1.95 
167-044BITC50N3 Replacement Bit2.00 
167-046BITC50N4 Replacement Bit1.86 


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