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Antex Gascat 120P Soldering Iron

Antex Gascat 120 Soldering Iron
ModelWattageTip Size
Gascat 120P1202.4mm
AccessoriesFlame tip, Hot air tip, Knife tip
Butane Gas >

The Antex Gascat 120P is a compact, butane gas powered, soldering iron producing adjustable heating power equivalent to a 25 -120W electrically powered iron. Ideal for use where mains power is unavailable, and  where lower powered irons do not produce enough heat output.

Replacement tips are available for this iron.

Order Code Each 
169-200Antex Gascat 120P Soldering Iron38.86 


Replacement Tips for Model Gascat 120P Soldering Iron:
Order Code Each 
168-400S1 Replacement Bit8.90 
168-405S2 Replacement Bit8.90 
168-410S3 Replacement Bit8.90 
168-415S4 Replacement Bit8.90 


Antex Gascat 120P Soldering Iron Kit
The Antex Gascat 120P supplied in a convenient carry case. Applications include heavy duty soldering, localised brazing, heat shrink tubing, lead work repairs, cutting and sealing nylon rope. The tough nylon body contains a gas reservoir which can hold  sufficient fuel for approximately 2 hours continuous use before refilling. Gas ignition is by means of a built-in piezo lighter. Tip temperature is variable, and is regulated by the nylon gas flow adjuster at the base of the unit. The iron is supplied with a 2.4mm chisel tip as standard. In kit form the iron is also supplied with a 4.8mm chisel tip, hot knife tip, blow torch, and a tip cleaning sponge
Order Code Each 
169-210Antex Gascat 120P Soldering Iron56.63

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