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Antex Model CS Soldering Iron

Antex CS18 Soldering iron
Bit Size2.3mm
Leakage Current1.5A
Power18 Watts
Replacement Element >

Antex model CS18 Soldering Iron is "Thermally balanced" and they have ensured maximum heat transfer into the bit. This model is ideal for work on printed circuit boards and connectors. As with all Antex soldering irons they are built to meet BS EN60335-2-45 standards. Replacement elements are available for this iron

Order Code Each 
165-330Antex CS18 Soldering iron with PVC cable 230Vac20.84 
165-310Antex CS18 Soldering iron with PVC cable 24Vdc14.26 


Replacement Tips for Model CS Soldering Iron:
Bit 1105Antex Soldering Iron Tip 0.5mmPoint0.5mm
Bit 1106Antex Soldering Iron Tip 1.0mmChamfered1.0mm
Bit 1100Antex Soldering Iron Tip 2.3mmChamfered2.3mm
Bit 1101Antex Soldering Iron Tip 3.0mmChamfered3.0mm
Bit 1108Antex Soldering Iron Tip 3.0mmChisel3.0mm
Bit 1102Antex Soldering Iron Tip 4.7mmChamfered4.7mm
Bit 1103Antex Soldering Iron Tip 6.0mmChamfered6.0mm
Order Code Each 
168-044Antex Replacement Bit 11053.68 
168-045Antex Replacement Bit 11063.68 
168-040Antex Replacement Bit 11003.68 
168-041Antex Replacement Bit 11013.68 
168-047Antex Replacement Bit 11083.68 
168-042Antex Replacement Bit 11023.68 
168-043Antex Replacement Bit 11033.68

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