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Analogue VU Meters

VU Meter 0 - 250AVU Meter Dimensions
Measuring Range0 - 250A
Internal Resistance750Ω
Panel Cut out37.5mm
ConnectionScrew Terminals
Dimensions55 x 47.5mm
A moving coil VU meter with 0 -250A range. The meter has a black face, marked with Green/Red scale Plastic housing with centre zero adjustment. (55 x 47.5mm)
Order Code 110+  
124-182VU Meter 0 - 250A5.495.23  


VU Meter 0 - 120AVU Meter Dimensions
Measuring Range0 - 120A
Internal Resistance750Ω
Illumination Voltage6V
Panel Cut out36 x 14mm
Dimensions39 x 18mm
An edge wise VU meter with a scale of 1 - 6, illuminated by internal low voltage lamp. The meter has a black face with white numbers. Plastic housing with no zero adjustment. (39 x 18mm)
Order Code 110+  
124-188VU Meter 0 - 120A6.716.02

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