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Electrical Tester

Electrical Multi-tester Screwdriver
Model Y023HA
AC Direct Contact 70 - 250V
AC non Contact 70 - 600V
Battery 2 x AG3
Dimensions 138 x 16mmØ
Weight g
A multi-functional tester with plain slot 4mm blade that allows the checking of wiring without dismantling or having any contact with live parts. Applications include ‘break point‘ in wiring, continuity testing, bulb and fuse testing, microwave leakage, socket testing and testing for static.
Order Code   Each
123-410 TT01 Electrical Multi-tester Screwdriver 2.80


6-24V DC Voltage Tester
Model TT01
DC Direct Contact 6 - 24V
Dimensions 140 x 30mm
Weight g
A very useful tool for the professional auto electrician. The product tests for DC voltages between 6 and 24 V.
Order Code   Each
123-405 6-24V DC Voltage Tester with 1m lead & croc clip 2.50


Non-Contact Voltage Detector Non-Contact Voltage Detector
Model 710.030
Battery 2 x AAA
Dimensions 155 x 22 x 15mmØ
Weight 25g
A simple and safe way to detect the presence of AC voltage in cables, mains outlets and more. Produces an audible beep and flashing red light when held within 1cm of a live source of voltage. Features an inbuilt green status light and switchable torch LED to conveniently illuminate tests in darker environments. Automatically powers off when unused, preserving battery life.
  • A non contact voltage tester with integrated torch
  • Safely detects AC Voltage in switches, circuit breakers, cables, light fixtures, outlets and cables
  • Test range: 90-1000VAC
  • Flashing LED and audible warning tone
  • Easy to use one-button control
  • Auto power off feature
  • Requires 2x AAA batteries (supplied)
Order Code   Each
123-415 CAT III Non-Contact Voltage Detector 4.99


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