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Clamp Meters

Digital Clamp Meter
AC Voltage (0.6%)1V - 600V
AC Current (2.0%)0.1A - 1000A
DC Voltage (0.5%)1V - 600V
Resistance (2%)200 ohms - 2m ohms
Battery9V (1 x PP3)
Dimensions230 x 68 x 37mm
Download Handbook >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications


Low cost Digital Clamp meter with additional multi-meter functions. Features: 50mm Clamp, 3 Digit display Data Hold, Audible continuity, Resistance, AD/DC Voltage & Insulation* Test ranges. Supplied with shrouded leads, Battery and fabric carry case.
Order Code Each 
123-110Digital Clamp Meter with Lead set & Case8.10 


DCM140 Clamp Meter

Clamp Meter

Velleman Clamp Meter

  • LCD display with automatic polarity indication
  • Data-hold function
  • AC and DC voltage measurements up to max. 600V
  • AC current measurement up to max. 600A
  • DC current measurements up to max. 600A
  • Max. for conductor: 23mm
  • Resistance measurements: max. 40MΩ
  • Diode test, continuity test & backlight
  • Safety: indoor use only (over voltage Cat. III 600V)
  • Non Contact-voltage detection (NCV)
  • Temperature measurements: -20C - 1.000C
  • Frequency measurements: max. 10MHz
  • Duty cycle measurements: 0.5 - 99 % @ pulse width of 100s to 100ms
  • Capacitance measurement: max. 100F
  • Specifications:
    DC Voltage400mV (0.8%)
     4V (0.5%)
     40V (1.0%)
     400V (1.0%)
     600V (1.0%)
    AC Voltage400mV (0.8%)
     4V (1.0%)
     40V (1.0%)
     400V (1.2%)
     600V (1.2%)
    DC Current40A (2.5%)
     400A (2.5%)
     600A (2.5%)
    AC Current40A (2.5%)
     400A (2.5%)
     600A (2.5%)
    Resistance400Ω (0.8%)
     4kΩ (1.0%)
     40kΩ (1.0%)
     400kΩ (1.0%)
     4MΩ (2.0%)
    Capacitance10n (4.0%)
     100n (4.0%)
     1f (5.0%)
     10f (5.0%)
     100f (5.0%)
    Frequency10Hz (0.5%)
     100Hz (0.5%)
     1KHz (0.5%)
     10KHz (0.5%)
     100KHz (0.5%)
     1MHz (0.5%)
     10MHz (0.5%)
    Temperature-20 to 1000C (5.0%)
    Transistor (HFE)No
    Continuity BuzzerYes
    Battery TestNo
    Input Impedance-
    Maximum Display1999
    Battery4.5V (3 x AAA)
    Dimensions194 x 72 x 35mm
    Download Handbook >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications


    Digital Clamp meter for AC and DC current measurement. Supplied with battery and protective pouch, test leads and thermocouple.


    This Digital Meter is suitable for use in the following categories.
    A CAT I rated meter is suitable for measurements on protected electronic circuits that are not directly connected to mains power. <100V (Battery operated devices, Audio Circuits, Education)A CAT II-rated meter is suitable for measurements in CAT I-environments, as well as for measurements in single-phase appliances that are connected to the mains by means of a plug. Measurement of normal domestic circuits, provided that the circuit is at least 10m apart from any CAT III- or 20m apart from any CAT IV-environment. < 240V (Household Appliances, Portable Tools, Sound and Lighting Equipment)A CAT III-rated meter is suitable for measurements in CAT I- and CAT II-environments, as well as for measurements on (fixed) single and three phase appliances which are at least 10m apart from of a CAT IV-environment, and for measurements in or on distribution level equipment. <440V (Fuse boxes, Lighting circuits, Ring main, Electric ovens). 
    Test LeadsThermocouple
    Order Code Each 
    123-120DCM140 Digital AC/DC  Clamp Meter  CAT III 600V / 600A67.87 


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