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Servisol Super 40

Servisol Super 40 Moisture repellent and protective lubricant. Four products in one. Excellent lubrication properties, displaces moisture. Protective coating prevents rust corrosion. Use on flight case locks and hinges, can also be applied to metal lighting and speaker stands.


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Silicon Grease

50g Tube Silicone Grease
MaterialSilicone (Clear)
Temperature Range50C to +200C
A multi-purpose silicone grease which lubricates, insulates and waterproofs. Ideal for use on switch contacts, ignition systems, and EHT connections. This grease is especially effective for protecting satellite LNB connectors and other outdoor installations. Remains effective for long periods and has excellent dielectric properties.
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253-11050g Tube Silicone Grease4.994.493.99

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