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Aerosol Cleaning Products

Servisol Foam Cleanser

Servisol Foam Cleaner Multipurpose cleaner for all hard surfaces. Quickly and easily removes all types of dirt, grease stains and contamination. Unique blend of detergent, solvents and surfactants with antistatic properties. Foam Cleaner is ideal for cleaning lighting effects, CD players and flight cases.


Order Code 16+12+ 
251-250400ml Servisol Foam Cleanser 303.292.962.63This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Servisol Aero Duster

Servisol Aero Duster Dry, powerful cleaning agent blows away dust, dirt and other loose contamination from amplifier and light effect cooling fans, keyboards, mixers etc. Leaves no residue and removes the need for solvents.


Order Code 1   
251-325Servisol Aero Duster 100, Compressed Air Cleaner7.30  This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Servisol Aero-Klene 50

Servisol Aero-Klene Electronic cleaning solvent rapid evaporation ensures no residues. Suitable for dry contact switches and other precision instruments. Safe to use on most plastics, rubber and other delicate materials. Aero-Klean is perfect for cleaning all electrical connections, jack, phono, XLR plugs and sockets.


Order Code 16+12+ 
251-400Servisol Aero-Klene 505.364.824.29This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Coldklene 110

Servisol Coldklene A powerful degreasing agent, excellent penetrating and flushing properties. For cold cleaning of electrical equipment. Quickly disperses grease, wax, oil, tar and other carbonaceous deposits. Ideal for flux removal from PCBs. Rapid evaporation ensures no residues. Supplied with extension tube to reach inaccessible areas. Sold and priced per can


Order Code 16+12+ 
251-450Servisol Cold Cleaner - Coldklene 1105.785.204.91This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Servisol Isopropyl Alcohol

Servisol Isopropyl Alcohol Isopropyl alcohol a universally recognised electronic cleaning solvent. Evaporates after use, leaving no residues. Isopropyl Alcohol is suitable for cleaning optical systems and lenses.


Order Code 16+12+ 
251-425Servisol Isopropyl Alcohol - IPA 1705.845.264.96This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Can of Switch Cleaner

Servisol Switch Cleaner Switch and contact cleaning lubricant. Quickly removes tarnish and other deposits. Residual lubrication film protects contact surfaces. Prevents arcing between dry contacts. Universally accepted as the best cleaner for audio sliders and potentiometers.


Order Code 16+12+ 
251-500Servisol Switch Cleaner - Super 103.543.193.01This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Servisol CD Cleaner

Servisol CD Cleaner Highly effective self-adhesive label and sticker remover that quickly neutralises the adhesion binding of labels to facilitate clean and easy removal. Suitable for use on non-absorbent surfaces.


Order Code 16+  
251-650Servisol CD Cleaner 1503.232.91 This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Servisol Label Remover

Servisol Label Remover A blend of cleaning agents, specially formulated for use on all audio, video and computer compact discs.


Order Code 16+12+ 
251-700Servisol Label Remover5.705.134.85This Product will be Despatched by Carrier

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