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Solar Cells

Solar Cell
BodyBlack polycarbonate
Dimensions100mA 26 x 46mm
 200mA 35 x 56mm
 400mA 45 x 75mm
 800mA 66 x 95mm
A range of encapsulated solar cells with screw terminals. All cells produce a maximum of 0.45 volts. Cells can be connected in series to increase voltage output or wired in parallel to increase capacity.
Order Code 110+25+ 
723-310100mA 0.45V Solar Cell1.301.251.20 
723-315200mA 0.45V Solar Cell1.651.591.53 
723-320400mA 0.45V Solar Cell2.632.542.44 
723-325800mA 0.45V Solar Cell4.604.434.27

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