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Seno Applicators

A range of six easy to use PCB chemicals
  • SN111 Similar to Universal Developer but weaker in strength, ideal for spray on resists or freshly applied photoresist's.

  • SN140 Will provide a lacquer to protect boards from oxidisation, and also acts as an excellent solder flux.

A range of six easy to use PCB chemicals supplied in sealed containers. Each applicator has a re-sealable lid and sponge dispenser with valve to allow precisely the correct amount of chemical for a board. Totally safe to use and easily disposed with when exhausted as no special precautions are necessary.

All will work at room temperature and other than etching the complete PCB production process can be carried with the applicators.

Order Code Each
495-111Seno SN111 Soft Developer Applicator7.64
495-140Seno SN140 Flux Applicator7.80

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