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PCB Drafting Film

High Grade Laser Film
Dimensions297 x 210mm
A4 translucent high grade laser film specially formulated for high resolution artwork from any laser printer. This film features a .75 micron base with a special coating for high resolution keying and fixing of toner. Also suitable for use in photo copiers.
Order Code 110+  
502-018A4 High Grade Laser/Copier Film (10 Sheets)6.625.59  


Aerosol Drafting Transparent Spray
For use in the design / production of PCBs. This spray when applied to paper will render the paper translucent and transparent so that paper PCB designs may be produced by UV production methods. Ideal for photocopies or computer print outs onto plain paper.
Order Code 16+12+ 
252-115200ml Aerosol Drafting Transparent Spray4.613.923.46This Product will be Despatched by Carrier

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