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PCB Chemicals

Aerosol Drafting Transparent Spray
For use in the design / production of PCBs. This spray when applied to paper will render the paper translucent and transparent so that paper PCB designs may be produced by UV production methods. Ideal for photocopies or computer print outs onto plain paper.
Order Code Each 
252-115200ml Aerosol Drafting Transparent Spray4.61This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Clear Fine Etch Crystals
Size400g makes 2lt

(4 x 100g Sachets)

 1.1kg makes 5lt
Ferric Chloride substitute. Fine etch crystal are a superior etchant than the standard ferric chloride pellets. Sodiumpersulphate is much cleaner than ferric chloride, the solution will last 3- 4 weeks although life can be extended by adding a little more etchant powder. Pour crystals into a suitable container and add 2 litres of hot tap water (50C) Mix until all the crystals have dissolved. For best results use at 45C.
Order Code Each 
497-035400g Clear Fine Etch Crystals, makes 2lt10.48This Product will be Despatched by Carrier
497-0401.1Kg Clear Fine Etch Crystals, makes 5lt26.73This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Ferric Chloride Stain remover
A powder that can be used to remove the brown stains which ferric chloride etchant
leave. It is ideal for removing staining from any number of items including process tanks, work surfaces or clothing. The powder can be used as a scrubbing compound or as a solution into which items may be immersed. Supplied in a 1kg pack.
Order Code Each 
497-0601Kg Ferric Chloride Stain remover18.98This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Developer Powder 50g      Developer Powder 500g
Size50g makes 1lt
Size500g makes 10lt
A safe and stable powder developer. It will develop boards in 30 seconds and with a wide safety margin, the board can remain in the made up solution for up to 30 times as long as normally necessary. Safer to use, as it contains no sodium hydroxide. Once made into a solution it has a shelf life of 3 - 4 weeks. Available in two pack sizes.
Order Code Each 
497-205Developer Powder, makes 1lt0.96 
497-215Developer Powder, makes 10lt11.99This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


1lt Developer Concentrate
A high quality photo resist developer in a concentrated liquid form. Containing no sodium hydroxide, and wide safety margin (up to 50 times longer than normal), it is very safe and easy to use. The 1lt concentrate will make 10lt of working solution and has a working life of several months when used in a processing tank.
Order Code Each 
497-2301lt Developer Concentrate17.50This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


90g Tin Plating Powder450g Tin Plating Powder
Size90g makes 1lt
Size450g makes 5lt
Once the powder has been dissolved at 50C and allowed to cool it will plate copper
boards with a thin layer of tin. The solution is such that it will plate tin on tin and so by leaving a board in the solution longer, a thicker layer is built up. 0.2 micron after 20 seconds, 0.8 - 10 micron after 5 min etc. A tin plated circuit protects the board from oxidisation and greatly improves solderability. Working solution has a shelf life of 6 months, unmixed powder has an unlimited shelf life. Supplied in two pack sizes: 90g which comes in a plastic container to store the solution when mixed, and 450g.
Order Code Each 
497-11090g Tin Plating Powder, makes 1lt18.60This Product will be Despatched by Carrier
497-115450g Tin Plating Powder, makes 5lt55.81This Product will be Despatched by Carrier


Universal Solvent
A general purpose non-toxic water miscible solvent. Removes unwanted solder flux from PCB and strips photo resist from etched boards.
Order Code Each 
497-32050ml Universal Solvent4.14This Product will be Despatched by Carrier

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