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RF Modulator

CAMRFM3 RF Modulator and Video Enhancer
Audio Input2 x RCA Socket (Red & White), Scart
Video Input1 x RCA Socket (Yellow), Scart
RF Output1 x Coaxial Socket (Channel 21-69)
RF Input1 x Coaxial Plug
Power Supply9Vdc 200mA
Dimensions120 x 80 x 26mm
High quality AV to RF Converter. This will convert both audio and composite video signals from a DVD player, video game system, camcorder or CCTV camera. It enables a conventional TV which is not fitted with a Scart socket to be used as a monitor. The modulator has Scart and RCA sockets for the input signal. Output via coaxial plug and socket, which allows the signal to be mixed with UHF transmission. Easy to adjust with large LED display (Channel not lost on power down).
CAMRFM3 RF Modulator and Video Enhancer (Rear)
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