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DMX Leads

3-Pin DMX Cable
ConstructionTwisted Pair
ContactsNickel Plated
Cable Diameter6mmØ
A range of 3- pin XLR leads, which are used for interconnecting between DMX lighting equipment and controllers.
Order Code Each 
559-0403 Pin DMX Lead 0.75m2.99 
559-0503 Pin DMX Lead 1.5m3.50 
559-0603 Pin DMX Lead 3.0m4.59 
559-0703 Pin DMX Lead 6.0m6.38 
559-0803 Pin DMX Lead 10.0m8.88 
559-0903 Pin DMX Lead 20.0m13.48 


DMX Terminator 
ContactsNickel Plated


A 3 pole XLR Plug fitted with a 120Ω ½ Watt Resistor, wired across pins 2 and 3.
Order Code 110+  
100-1203 Pin XLR Line Plug with 120R Terminating Resistor3.452.30  


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