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MES Lamp

MES Threaded Lamp
Dimensions23 x 11mmØ
MES threaded lamps with a round 11mm glass, suitable for torches and hand held slide projectors.
Order Code 125+50+ 
706-2101.5V 300mA MES Threaded Lamp0.190.110.08 
706-2202.5V 200mA MES Threaded Lamp0.240.1770.118 
706-2303.5V 300mA MES Threaded Lamp0.220.130.09 
706-2404.8V 300mA MES Threaded Lamp0.230.190.15 
706-2506V 100mA MES Threaded Lamp0.280.160.128 
706-26012V 200mA MES Threaded Lamp0.220.130.09 
706-28024V 125mA MES Threaded Lamp0.230.140.09 


MES Threaded Tubular Lamp
Dimensions28 x 10mmØ
MES Tubular filament lamps, available in three voltage sizes.
Order Code 125+50+ 
706-3506V 200mA MES Threaded Tubular Lamp0.260.200.13 
706-36012V 183mA MES Threaded Tubular Lamp0.260.200.13 
706-38024V 125mA MES Threaded Tubular Lamp0.280.210.14 


MES Flashing Lamp
Dimensions26 x 15mmØ
MES screw thread lamp with built-in bimetallic strip which will cause the lamp to flash once heated. Only suited for DC voltages only.
Order Code 125+50+ 
706-5303.5V 200mA MES Flashing Lamp0.250.200.18 


MES Threaded Pre-focused Lamp
Dimensions23 x 9.5mmØ
MES screw thread lamp with integral pre-focus lens.
Order Code 125+50+ 
706-4101.5V 220mA MES Threaded Pre-focused Lamp0.250.170.15 
706-4202.2V 250mA MES Threaded Pre-focused Lamp0.220.100.09 
706-4303.7V 300mA MES Threaded Pre-focused Lamp0.200.100.09

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